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The Hon Craig Laundy MP

Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science

The Hon Craig Laundy MP was sworn in as Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science on 19 July 2016.

Latest news

Greater support now available to regional innovation hubs

14 December 2017

Regional incubators and accelerators will be able to access greater support under changes to the Australian Government’s Incubator Support initiative that take effect today.

$1 million in grants to accelerate Australian start-ups

13 December 2017

An incubator supporting Australian start-ups and another dedicated to commercialising medical devices produced by start-ups will receive a total of $1 million in funding from the Australian Government to progress their work.

VicRoads on the highway to innovation

13 December 2017

The future of driving was on show today at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, as VicRoads tested a highly automated driving (HAD) vehicle fitted with world-first satellite positioning technology.

CSIRO flicks the 'ON' switch to fast track emerging technologies

8 December 2017

A detection system to keep prawns safe from pests, a smarter smaller wind turbine and wearable tech that can screen for gut disorders are some of the emerging technologies that will be fast-tracked though the next round of Australia’s national sci-tech accelerator, ‘ON, powered by CSIRO’.